False Slip & Fall Claim Proved By Video Surveillance Footage

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It was every managers’ nightmare.  A frantic man running into the showroom, full of potential buyers, yelling that his elderly mom had hurt herself on the lot.

Watch this footage as a man saying that his mom slipped and fell and falsely claimed that our client, an auto dealership, was negligent and responsible for his mom’s injuries.

Obviously our client, and our team felt bad for the lady’s injuries.  Our client takes safety of their customers and employees very seriously.

However, ultimately our video footage disproved the man’s false claim of dealership negligence because the speed bump (seen in the video surveillance footage below) in question was clearly marked.

In this case, it was a true accidental slip and fall injury, no fault of the dealership, despite the false claim.

Without this video surveillance footage, this would have been a hard case to prove, and most likely would have went to trial and led to increased insurance premiums.

The case was dropped.  No insurance claims, no attorneys fees, no lost workdays.

Please Note: In the last fourteen years we have seen countless false claims against our clients that we have been able to disprove with our video surveillance footage.  Because of that, we have put together a 29 Point Safety Checklist for Car Dealerships, free of charge.  Claim it here.


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