Video Surveillance & Monitoring For Car Dealerships

Hi. I am Don Hager, and I have been a major car dealership CFO for 25 years. I have been helping hundreds of car dealerships over the past 14 years save money on their insurance premiums, prove fraudulent insurance claims (saving insurance premiums), protect their employees and staff and sleep better at night knowing their car dealership is being monitored live by a highly trained video surveillance team. We have installed video surveillance cameras and recording devices in hundreds of car dealerships nationwide. We also monitor your video feed remotely and record suspicious activity for you so you can have the peace of mind to know your dealership is protected.

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“I totally endorse your Company for Security and night time live monitoring. I put your Intelligent Camera Surveillance system in my Dealerships and it saved me $12,000 per month.”Peter Bond, Automotive Resource Group

We are Golden Eye Technologies.
The Safe choice for smart businesses.

“Your Security Surveillance System has saved our Dealerships thousands of dollars and your night time monitoring has helped apprehend several thiefs on our property.”John Ullman, Schumacher Auto Group

Replace Security Guards and Save Thousands! Manage Your Dealership From Anywhere In The World, Watch Sales Traffic During Closed Hours, Eliminate False Slip and Fall Claims, Protect your Clients and Staff, and Sleep Better At Night.

We give you access to your own live video feed and surveillance cameras so you can monitor sales activity and employee productivity. Our video surveilance cameras for car dealerships show more detaileven in lower lights or at night. Zoom in on a licence tag or a person’s face. With our proprietary search software you can also search hundreds of hours of video surveillance footage in minutes. We provide everything you need for your car dealership from camera and server installation to monitoring. We have extensive experience in the video surveillance for car dealerships, we’ve seen it all, and have answers to all your concerns, and we will even consult with you on the risks you have not even thought of, yet can devastate your business. Rely on our vast experience to protect your dealership today. Contact us today for a free R.O.I. analysis.

Our services.

Live Interactive Monitoring

Our monitoring center watches your entire property LIVE via our Intelligent Video Surveillance.

Dealership Security & Monitoring

Watch your Dealership sales traffic during closed hours. Never worry about the safety of your lot again.

F&I Transaction Recording

Keep high quality video and audio recordings of every F&I transaction for the life of the contract.

Mobile Viewing Systems

Viewing system cross compatible devices – IOS, Android, PC, etc

“I have peace of mind with Golden Eye night time monitoring. I know my Dealership is in good hands at night.”Joe Cosarelli, DelRay Motors, Schumacher Auto

Lighting Difference

The Images to the right use the same camera with absolutely NO CHANGE in exterior lighting. The Only change was the automatic exposure in camera for great night coverage.

The noticable difference in making a subtle change, the lot is brighter, managers have a better line of sight, and you have security from all angles.

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Years Installing

years experience

happy dealerships

Video Monitoring

Nightly Interactive Monitoring 100% of the Exterior of the property. Eliminate the need for a costly Security Guard.

Full video and audio control via built-in Microphone
and Speaker High Quality Megapixel Video.

Zoom in with High Definition Clarity to identify license plate numbers, recognize faces, and so much more.

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