Auto Dealership Video Surveillance Security Live Video Monitoring

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Video Surveillance And Live Monitoring Saves Dealerships Money

Protect your dealership’s inventory from theft and damage by having Golden Eye install surveillance video cameras and remotely monitor your car dealership’s live video feed.  Auto dealerships are the perfect atmosphere for video surveillance, you have a high value in your inventory and is vulnerable to theft and damage, and you have higher volume of traffic increasing your chances of injury claims.

We have been helping car dealerships by installing high definition camera equipment and 24/7 live monitoring dealerships for over 14 years.  We know your business and how to best protect you.

We saved Braman Audi over $100,000 in 2015 with our 24/7 video surveillance monitoring.

Our team can remotely keep watch over your entire dealership from your back lots to inside your showrooms and even in the service areas.

You can choose live 24/7 monitoring, or just during the time your dealership is closed.

Your captured video footage is recorded and stored off-site or on-site for later review.

Use can use the video surveillance footage to track your customers’ buying habits, watch over your inventory, and protect your employees and customers.

You wouldn’t believe the stories we could tell…

We’ve captured criminals stealing tires and rims, loading them into a moving van.  We have proved a costly lawsuit from a lady who claimed she tripped and fell, and our surveillance footage proved we were not at fault.  Our surveillance team has caught thieves in the act of stealing and police were able to catch them in the act.  Our low-light high definition cameras allowed us to identify and apprehend a group of teens who jumped the fence and caused over $30,000 in vandalism in less than 11 minutes.

Service Managers have been able to use our footage to invalidate customer’s claim that their car was damaged while in for service.

In the F&I office, by recording the interaction with the customer, has cut down false sales claims and buyers remorse.

We can help create the perfect plan for your dealership’s budget, and show you how we can save your dealership money and headaches.

Get a free quote, call Don at (888) 571-3330 or email us.

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